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Interviewing and Hiring Program for Small Businesses

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  • A comprehensive Interviewing and Hiring Guide, which features legal briefs from attorneys on applicable laws and common employer
    mistakes, best practices in recruiting and hiring, a list of unlawful interview topics, and more than 180 sample interview questions addressing 15 different competencies
  • A pad of 25 Interview Evaluation Forms to ensure that all hiring managers and interviewers evaluate applicant in a consistent, standardized, non-discriminatory manner
  • A pad of 25 Hiring Manager/Interviewer Training Handouts and Acknowledgement Forms that provide a representative list of unlawful interview questions, suggestions, for legally appropriate alternatives, and can serve as proof that your company informed the interviewer
  • A 26″-by-20″ Applicant Information Poster that includes five federal notices that must be posted conspicuously where applicants can view them
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Finding and hiring the right personnel for your business venture can be time-consuming and difficult, but on top of that, if not done correctly, interviewing and hiring can land you in legal hot water, especially in a highly litigious state like California.
To help you navigate the treacherous legal waters of the Golden State, we have developed our comprehensive Interviewing and Hiring Program for Small Businesses.

In addition, you definitely want to get your hiring done right the first time. According to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), it can cost up to 30 percent of an employee’s salary to replace a wrong hire, with the tally ranging from $7,000 to $40,000 depending on the position. Worse, if you violate any anti-discrimination laws during the hiring process, you can be socked with penalties and face lawsuits. In fact, discrimination charges and legal actions nationwide have been on the rise consistently for the past few years.

Our exclusive small business HR solution includes a guidebook featuring recommendations from three attorneys, two sets of
documentation forms to avoid common legal issues relating to interview questions and evaluations, and best practices in recruiting and screening employees (including behavioral and performance-based interview techniques).

Using this program to establish a new process or update an existing process can help your business avoid unnecessary replacement hiring costs and possible penalties and lawsuits due to legal violations.

If you were to research the valuable information and forms available in our program, it would take you countless hours, to say nothing of the huge attorney’s bill you’d run up getting answers to questions that our attorneys have already answered for you in our comprehensive guide. Our solution can be quickly and effectively implemented at your place of business by just following the practices and processes outlined in the Interviewing and Hiring Guide for Small Businesses.

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