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Labor Law and OSHA Safety Poster Bundle

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This bundle combines our California State and Federal Labor Law Poster and the California OSHA Safety Poster. A special retail edition, the SPO12-R, is available by phone for retail establishments where different OSHA laws and regulations pertain.

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The California State and Federal Labor Law Poster is an industry-pioneering product that contains all the mandatory labor law postings to meet both state and federal requirements for California businesses.

The California OSHA Safety Poster accomplishes the same for mandatory federal and state safety notifications concerning workplace laws and regulations for injury and illness prevention and care.

Displaying these posters in a conspicuous workplace location for all employees to see reflects a good-faith effort on your part to keep your workforces informed and can help achieve a reduction in any fines your business may suffer from an inspection.

Keep your business safe and get your California Labor Law and OSHA Safety Poster Bundle poster bundle today.

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